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Discover the University of Northern Iowa, faculties, courses and studies

P Established in Cedar Falls, the university is among the leading institutions in the area. In fact, close to 90% of all students are from Iowa. It provides more than 90 majors in multiple fields, from business and education to arts, social and behavioral sciences.

The University of Northern Iowa came to life after two different institutions decided to go together. During the 19th century, Iowa needed two things – a place to care for war veterans' orphans, as well as a superior learning institution. Both of them came to life. By 1876, the necessity of an orphan care home was no longer there, so legislators started the Iowa State Normal School – the original university.

Back then, the school was relatively basic. It had a few buildings and just a few classes here and there. Facilities were also basic. Overtime, it kept evolving to what it is today. A fire destroyed parts of the central hall in the 1960s, but donations helped the university recover. It received its current name – University of Northern Iowa – in 1967, after having three former names in its early years.

Academics at the University of Northern Iowa are quite diversified. Students can get around 90 majors, so there is something for everyone out there. Most commonly, students opt for business, education, sciences, arts and humanities. There is also a graduate college on site.

Ann Hogarth

Main Secretary

+1 (0) 364-436-4765

Ann Hogarth is the first name you talk to when you make a main office call.

Janie Evans

Main Advisor

+1 (0) 364-436-4766

Janie Evans is specialized in helping aspirant students make a final choice.

John McMahon

Course advisor

+1 (0) 364-436-4767

John McMahon is specialized in human relations and helps those in need of a decision.

Tania Spingston

Human relations

+1 (0) 364-436-4768

Tania Spingston is one of the main specialists of the university in human relations.

Exploring the main values and overall mission of the university

Keeping standards high

The university may have the reputation of a strict institution, but it is all about its high standards.

Multiple courses

You name it, we have it. The institution has an impressive plethora of available courses and majors.

Rich history

The university is among the oldest and most reputable institutions in Iowa, with an impressive history.

Excellent reputation

The integrity of our institution has never been affected by scandals or any negative happenings.

Great longterm results

Statistics do not need any presentations – our university is one of the leading names in the country.