Competitions and awards

Our publication will cover all the competitions our college is involved in, as well as the awards and prizes won by our students. Moreover, you will also learn about the latest awards given to our publication.

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What to expect from the official publication of our university

Latest news can come from any field, domain, industry or environment. They could be about our college, but they may also be of international interest.

Most of the updates are related to the research studies or happenings around our university and campus, so you will always be up to date.

Just like any other college or university, we love winning. In other words, we are engaged into a series of competitions and contests all over the country.

Not only do we provide the latest coverage on these competitions, but we will also announce registrations as soon as they are opened for everyone to join.

Some aspects are way too important to be announced with flyers or notes in the university only. Some people might miss simply miss them.

Whether they are related to the university, our publication, the surrounding area or a charity, special announcements will always make it here.


The concept of a new publication for the University of Northern Iowa

A plethora of choices when it comes to study options and solutions

Distance learning or campus studying at a glance

The University of Northern Iowa can be attended from anywhere in the world. Some people choose distance learning, while others study on site. Even on site, you can opt for full or part time studying.

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Understanding the ratio
of studying opportunities

  • Students who tried part time learning60%
  • Students who tried full time learning80%
  • Students who tried distance learning40%
  • The college publication is one of the best things that the University of Northern Iowa has come up with. It is managed by a team of dedicated people who will never miss the opportunity to cover a news. Years after I graduated, I still read it with the same enthusiasm as when I was a student. It is simply so exciting and entertaining that you cannot leave it behind. Great job!
  • The most prestigious university in the state definitely deserves its own college publication. It is not for students only, but also for aspirants students who might want to learn at some point. It was my main source of information while I was in university. Apart from important announcements, find out more about competitions and contests, as well as local news about the community.
  • Whether you are in the university, thinking to attend it or a former student, the college publication is a must. You do not read it to stay informed only, but also to interact with the students and professors, not to mention blending in. It is an aspect that puts people together and helps newer students integrate and feel like they belong to this institution.

Latest News, Blog Posts and Articles

Vaping, A Good Alternative To Smoking

Despite the known bad effects of cigarette smoking to a human’s health, many still go and puff a cigarette. With the coming of the electronic cigarette, the smoker who wants to lessen the bad effects of cigarette to their body has switched to vaping since it is a healthier alternative to smoking. Checking out this, the following list of reasons why many smokers switch to vaping.

Health Matters
Studies have shown that the vaping are healthy alternative compared to cigarette smoking since cigarette contains nicotine and other harmful chemicals that are toxic and fatal for the health. This does not mean to that vaping is risk-free but just have the lower risk compared to cigarette smoking. Thus many smokers who wanted to quit but having a difficult time suppressing the addiction sought help in the electronic products.

While studies are still going on about this, it seems like electronic cigarettes are less captivation than smoking. As much as what those former smokers had expected before that they could never manage to stop smoking have shifted to vaping learned that after a couple of months, they can abstain smoking for a longer span of time. Most of them too would rather pick vaping over cigarette smoking because like they have known, vaping is less risky than cigarette smoking. Above all, it gives them a higher potential to finally quit smoking. The high drop of nicotine intake will eventually contribute longer period of keeping smokers from lighting a cigarette.

The vape juices come in different flavors, and blends to that make the vaping experience enjoyable. The vape juice flavors and the blend of the electronic cigarette make the smokers forget the real taste of cigarette smoke. Since vape juice flavors are there to proxy the real smoking taste, the smokers who switch to electronic cigarettes get lesser health risk with the interesting flavor blends.

Stylish And Accepted
The electronic cigarette smoke doesn’t stink because the vape juice does not have residue that produces strong odor thus the bystanders or non-users find it mild in the smell than the stinks from the cigarette. And since many flavors of vape juices, you can choose the blend of flavors that suit your smoothness and blend preferences. Vaping activity is socially accepted whereas, in cigarette smoking, there are designated place where you can smoke in public.

Being a smoker, you might get to look at the electronic cigarette with a certain curiosity. While you got the right to smoke whenever you choose too, at certain places, of course, the evidence that the public is stacked up against your habit makes the vaping a good alternative, and those who have shifted to vaping will certainly answer that vaping is better than smoking in public. This leaves the electronic cigarette smokers are less condemn from vaping rather than smoking a cigarette in public.

Due to rampant studies and evidence, cigarette smoking is the number one cause of many diseases today, but with the help of the electronic cigarette, the smokers now have an alternative way to quit their smoking habit and addiction. This innovative product does not only help the smokers per se, but it also helps the government in lessening the budget for the generative disease that might have caused by cigarette smoke even to non-smokers. The rate of smokers might not be eliminated while cigarette products are still available in the market, but the coming of the electronic cigarette and vape juices have resulted in dramatic reduction of the smokers in the world.