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The Northern Iowan is a school newspaper that is published by and for students of the University of Northern Iowa.

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Based within the campus of the university itself, the Northern Iowan has been in continuous publication for years. The Northern Iowan enjoys the distinction of being the only student publication that is currently still active. And it also has got a high circulation number as well.

Students Newspaper

A student newspaper is a publication that is usually handled by and for students. This means that the writing for the newspaper is handled by actual students who are part of the student body within a school or college. Just like a traditional newspaper, a student paper will cover the same kinds of topics such as current events or world news.

Fun from newspapers

There are hundreds of the students and faculty within the University of Northern Iowa reading and enjoying the newspaper that is published for them. The Northern Iowan newspaper also hires many writers and on campus journalists from the student bodies itself, making it a great place for students to earn experience in actual print media publications.

Campus Events

However, the main focus of these kinds of newspapers is often about events that are happening around the campus. This means that the audience or intended readership of most student papers are also other students, parents, or even faculty of the school that they are publishing in.

The University of Northern Iowa

This is a school that is located in Cedar Falls, Iowa.

Academic Excellence

It offers a wide array of courses from the school to business to the school of liberal arts. The name of the university is often abbreviated as UNI, which stands for the University of Northern Iowa. UNI has had many prestigious people graduate from it. And notable alumni from UNI include Nancy Price a famous writer, and John Dinger a diplomat. The University of Northern Iowa continues its tradition of academic excellence well into the coming years, as it continues to update its academic track and keep up with the latest educational developments around the world.

Our School Paper

Many colleges and universities around the world and in America have got a long tradition of having their own student-run newspaper. The same can be said for the University of Northern Iowa. Its student paper, the Northern Iowan, has been around for decades. And it will continue to be published for decades to come as well. The University of Northern Iowa is proud of the tradition that the Northern Iowan Student paper has set over the years. And it continues to support the Northern Iowan as the only school paper that is currently in publication.

Why a student paper?

There are probably other print media publications that you can purchase instead of the Northern Iowan.

North Iowa University News Paper

But you should still consider subscribing to our newspaper nonetheless. This student paper, after all, represents decades of journalist tradition within the University of Northern Iowa. And the student body should think about supporting that long tradition, by reading the semi-weekly publications that are printed and released by the Northern Iowan. If you are wondering why you should be reading the Northern Iowan paper, then you should know that there are many reasons for doing so.

Readers will be directly supporting a student organization. Students that are part of the University of Northern Iowa should think carefully about doing this. It would be a way for them to give direct support to other students. Supporting the Northern Iowan also gives students a voice where they can share their perspective, opinions, etc. The Northern Iowan also allows people to keep up to date with any of the latest events that are happening around the school. These are just some of the practical benefits of supporting the Northern Iowan, and you should think about becoming a regular reader of this prestigious student newspaper.

What kinds of news are covered?

There are all sorts of news stories and categories that are covered by the Northern Iowan. This student newspaper has got a wide range of interests, just like any other print publication. And this wide range of categories and news topics that are published also reflects the varied interests of the student body within the University of Northern Iowa as well. All of these various news topics can be found within the Northern Iowan website and also print publication too.

  • Campus current events

    This news section covers all of the events and notable stories that are happening around the UNI campus. This is probably the news category that makes the Northern Iowan so well-known. As some people read the Northern Iowan exclusively to keep up with all of the latest campus news from UNI.

  • Feature News

    Feature news is a section within the newspaper that will highlight any significant event or thing within the campus itself. If there is a new eatery or a new school band that you should check out, then you can find about it in the Northern Iowan features news.

  • Sports News

    The University of Northern Iowa is well-known for its sports teams. And anybody interested in those UNI sports teams can keep up with them through our dedicated sports section. At the Northern Iowan student paper, we have got a dedicated team of journalists that will deliver all of the news about campus sports.

  • Opinion Section

    The editorial or opinion section of the newspaper will continue editorial or opinion article pieces. These articles are more subjective. Writers from the newspaper will usually have a think piece that expresses their thoughts and feelings on a certain topic. In no way do these opinion articles reflect the own values of the Northern Iowan newspaper or the University itself.

Different Topics

These are just some of the news section that can be found in the Northern Iowan. This student newspaper covers a lot of other different news topics. It can serve as a great resource for anyone that wants to keep up to date with anything that is happening in and around campus. So please consider supporting the student newspaper if you wish to keep a tradition of excellent journalism alive in the University of Northern Iowa. If you want to know more about this student newspaper, then you can come and contact us as well. Our inbox is always open to any inquiring minds that want to know more about campus journalism.


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