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We are always open for good students, but also good educators and technicians

There are more reasons wherefore our school keeps growing with every new year. We expand in multiple directions and one of them involves hiring professionals on a regular basis. Therefore, if you think you could be an asset to our university, feel free to get in touch and apply right away.

Applying to join and work straight away

There are more ways to collaborate with us and be part of our school. If you are trained and you have the right degree, chances are you could start working with us right away. Simply put, we have a program that is always open to new additions – we just want to get better and we think you could help.

Apply for a training program

We understand that not everyone might be fully trained as a professor. Sometimes, no matter how hard you want to do it, you will still have to be patient, take your time and take the right course. It is just how things go, but there is nothing to be worry about – we are here to give you a hand.

Send a quick e-mail with an inquiry