LGBT leaders not welcome in Campus Group

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In a controversial move, one Christian campus group does not allow LGBTQ members to become leaders.

This means that a lot of people are potentially left out of this group. The InterVarsity Christian Fellowship actually has a policy that bars LGBTQ members from leading any services that they have. This goes against the anti-discrimination policies of the library. And it also goes against Christian teachings as well. This is also a rather controversial topic that has got a lot of people talking more about the InterVarsity Christian Fellowship. And in this opinion article piece, more about the InterVarsity Christian Fellowship controversy will be explained.

The policy of the InterVarsity Christian Fellowship

The policy of the InterVarsity Christian Fellowship to not allow people to become leaders, if they are LGBTQ is one that goes against the anti-discrimination charter that is set out by the school. While it is up to the prerogative of the group to set their own policies, the group does make use of campus utilities and resources. So if the Intervarsity group wants to continue hosting their group within the campus of the Northern University of Iowa, then they must also follow the rules that are set out by the school as well. And this means that they must follow the anti-discrimination charter that is one of the university’s policies.

Other Christian groups and fellowships

There are also many other Christian groups and fellowships within the campus that do not have a discriminatory policy. These other Christian groups are examples of what Jesus’ teachings are. After all, Jesus was all about equality and loving others. So why should Christian groups be any different? The policy of the InterVarsity Christian Fellowship to discriminate against LGBTQ members actually flies against the conventional teachings of Jesus Christ. If they were actually following what Jesus preached, then they would not have that kind of policy within their group at all. The Christian groups that can be found on campus are great examples that should be followed. They perform their services with open arms, allowing anyone, whoever they are to come to their services without any discrimination at all. The InterVarsity Christian Fellowship should also think about doing the same if they want to follow the teachings of Jesus Christ.

InterVarsity Christian fellowship to be booted of the campus

The president of the InterVarsity Christian fellowship has said that they are going to be booted off the campus for having a discriminatory policy. The president, himself, did not admit to the outright homophobia that was displayed by his group. Instead, he says that the group is actually discriminating based on religious criteria and spiritual maturity, rather than sexuality. However, the implication of his statement is that he considers LGBTQ people not spiritually mature. This is an entirely false and homophobic thing to even imply. And it is shocking that the InterVarsity fellowship does not even admit to its own homophobia.

Many Northern Iowan University students have supported the decision to kick the group off the campus. After all, it is pretty clear that the group itself is openly practisiging homophoia, which are not values that the university wishes to encourage.