Frequently asked questions:

Got a question for the newspaper? Need something answered about the Northern Iowan paper? Then this is the page for you. These are all of the questions that are frequently asked of the Northern Iowan paper. And all of those questions and their answers have been compiled here for your convenience. Look for the answer for your question below.

Does the newspaper get any support from the university?

The Northern Iowan is completely independent and we are a separate entity from the university itself. So the newspaper’s readers can rest assured that they are getting completely unbiased and impartial information when they get it from us. However, we still follow university rules, because we are a student organization based within the school itself.

Is the paper based on or off campus?

We are located on campus. And you can check out the student relations or information desk at the campus if you need to know our specific location. You may also schedule a meeting with us if you need to have a face to face meeting with us.

Where is the office of the Northern Iowan paper located?

The offices for the Northern Iowan newspaper can be found in the Union Building within the campus itself. Please get more information from the lobby of the building itself in order to find our offices much more easily. You can also contact us if you need any more specific details about where our offices are located.

Do you have any advertising options?

We offer several different advertising options for anyone interested. We offer full-page and partial page spreads for ads. And we even offer inserted ad flyers for people as well.

Are you accepting new writers or staff?

We are always open to hiring new writers or editorial staff here at the Northern Iowan. Anyone interested in joining the writing staff here at the Northern Iowan may be able to join by simply sending us a message, or simply responding to one of our classified ads.

Where can I purchase the official paper?

The Northern Iowan newspaper is available at several different locations on the campus. The university library, campus bookstore, and visitor’s center, are just some of the places where our newspaper can be purchased.

Can I contact you for newspaper corrections?

Any errors or mistakes that our found within our articles, if they are spotted, should be reported straight to us. We will gladly correct any false or wrong information that we may have accidentally published.

May I submit a newspaper story to you?

Interested parties may actually submit a news story themselves. You can send us a message introducing yourself and giving a summary of your story, and we will then consider if it is fit for publication.

Hopefully, you have found the answers that you need. You can also contact us if you have got any further questions as well. If you need any kind of clarification for any inquiries that you may have with our newspaper, then do not be afraid to contact us. We are more than happy to answer any questions that you may have.