New Disney Film has too strong of a message

such as Wreck it Ralph and Frozen

Family-friendly animated movies

The same animation studio that produced family-friendly animated movies, such as Wreck it Ralph and Frozen has just released a new cartoon movie. The new movie is called “Zootopia”. And it features anthropomorphic characters that are supposedly full of metaphors that mirror real world social issues. Aside from the metaphors that are present in the film, the movie is also full of fun adventures, great characters, and also a heartfelt tale. All of these make Zootopia sure to touch the hearts of both children and adults. However, the movie itself does come with a strong message, mainly due to the fictional world that it is set in.

The predators have evolved past their primal instincts

The main premise of the film is that all animals have begun to live together. And this includes both predator and prey. The predators have evolved past their primal instincts, and they no longer eat the flesh of their prey animals. This animal evolution has allowed both predator and prey to live harmoniously together in the past few years. However, recent events and a plot by shadowy figures threaten to undo this peace. There has been a recent spate of predatory animals going rogue and suddenly attacking other animals. And it is up to a newbie cop, a rabbit named JudyHopps, and a wily fugitive Fox, Nick Wilde, to solve this mystery. Judy and her friend Nick go on adventures to try and solve the recent problems that are plaguing both predator and prey animals.

From the beginning of “Zootopia”

From the beginning of “Zootopia”, it was clear what kind of messages that it was trying to convey. These messages were obviously the morals of equality and treating people right regardless of who they are. And the obvious lesson that it was trying to impart to children was that racism and prejudice have no place in the modern world. This message was clear throughout the whole movie, as the animals, regardless of their species, had to live together and work towards the common good. While these messages and themes are great, they were a bit too ham-fisted, especially for a kid’s movie.

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The messages that were strongly depicted by the movie, was often clumsily done. It was clear that a lot of the ideas of the movie would go over children’s heads. And maybe a lot of children would not be able to grasp the concepts that were touted by the animated film. And in some areas, such as the detective scenes between Nick and Judy, they may even be bored. Adults as well may also find the themes of the movie a bit too strong, as the ham-fisted way that it handled racism was not very cleverly done.

Despite the obvious problem of the message of the movie being too strong, overall “Zootopia” was a great animated film. All of the characters were lovable and the plot was touching. So it is no surprise that this animated movie has been dominating the box office. It is also expected that this same movie will win a lot of awards as well.