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So if you would like to reach our newspaper staff and writers, please just use this form instead of sending us an email. We assure you that your message will be sent straight to our staff and they will go to your message as soon as they can. Be aware that the student newspaper receives a lot of messages a day, and it can take us several days for us to get back to you. We urge that you be patient if you would like to wait for our message response back. Our motto as a newspaper is always to give our readers satisfaction, and we understand that our communication with you as a reader is important. So do not be afraid to contact us, we will do everything we can to help you.

Any inquiries about the University of Northern Iowa should be sent to the student or university relations office. However, if you have got any further questions about the student newspaper itself, then you should contact us through this form. If you have got any further questions about our policies on ads or if you would like to submit news stories then hit us up through this contact form. You may also contact us if you want to point out an error and want us to make a correction in one of our articles. We are very much open to any suggestions that you may have concerning our student newspaper.