Beer Benefit in its 9th year

To showcase the locally available craft beer

Discover new flavours and kinds of beers that they could enjoy

A beer benefit tasting event was just held on campus for its 9th straight year. During this event, the founder Argot singer was quoted as saying that people who come to the event could discover new flavours and kinds of beers that they could enjoy. And they may even expand their taste horizons when it comes to new beers. The beers that were available at this event included many different kinds of craft beers that were brewed and made in several different restaurants and bars around the town. So the beers at this benefit event were meant to showcase the locally available craft beer.

The beer benefit even also had a lot of contests being held. These events included the Home Brewers contest. During this contest, people were challenged to brew their very own beers at home. And the guests at this event were made to judge the homemade beers.There were also judges such as Jennifer Madsen that were invited to solely judge the homemade craft beers that were available during this event. Master brewers such as Barness from the IPA and Zbaracker from Farmhouse Ale were also invited to participate in the event itself. So a lot of professionals in the beer and beverage industry were invited to this beer benefit.

Foods from local bars and restaurants

In addition to the craft beer being served at this event, there was also food available. The food came from the many different restaurants in the area. The event was organized in order to also showcase the sample foods that could be gotten in the many local bars and restaurants in the surrounding area. Some of the dishes that were served included finger foods that went perfectly with beer. The event was also organized to help people sample all of the food that they wanted without having to wait in line for too long. This allowed people to enjoy the beer and the good food even more since there was less of a hassle whenever they wanted to order something to eat.

This whole event managed to draw in hundreds of visitors from out of town. So without saying else, it was a rousing success in bringing more attention and business to the surrounding area’s bars, eateries, pubs, and restaurants. A lot of local restaurants actually appreciate the beer benefit event held at the university campus, because it allows them to showcase their food to a bunch of out of town attendees. The large beer benefit event is held within an exhibition event on the university grounds. The exhibition hall is large enough to hold several thousand people, and it was certainly packed. A lot of people went to the event simply to try out the great food and drink that was readily available.

The beer benefit event lasted for a whole day.

And afterward, attendees were able to make use of a shuttle service that ferried them from the exhibition hall to the campus exit. Overall, the organizers of the beer benefit say that the whole event was a rousing success.