About Northern Iowan

This is the website of the official student newspaper of the Northern University of Iowa.


In this website, we have got all of the latest news articles about current events that are happening in and around the campus of the Northern University of Iowa. This means that we have got all of the latest information and details about the school and student life in this particular university. We urge that all people involved with the university in some way, whether they are students, teachers, parents, etc, follow the Northern Iowan student newspaper if they want to stay updated with anything and everything that is happening around campus.

The Northern Iowan newspaper is completely run by students. The editor, writers and even the graphic designers are all students who study at the University of Northern Iowa. We do follow all of the school rules and charters. So the publication of obscene and offensive materials within our newspaper is prohibitive. However, we are not afraid to publish criticism of the school itself. And our readers should know that we are not a mouthpiece for the university. The northern Iowan newspaper is completely independent. And we have got the student’s viewpoints and welfares in mind, whenever we publish news stories.

The Northern Iowan newspaper is an independent newspaper that does not get any outside support. We run the newspaper by ourselves for other students. So this means that in order to get revenue to continue publishing the newspapers. We offer people the option of purchasing advertising spots on our newspaper if they need some way to let other people know that they have something for sale or if they are looking for some kind of service. We promise you that our newspaper has got a wide reach, and a lot of students on campus read our newspaper. We do hold the right to refuse publication of certain advertisements. If we deem that an advertisement is too offensive or misleading, then we have the right to refuse to accept the publication of your advertisement within our newspaper.

Our Newspapers

Published Twice

Our newspaper is published twice a week. This means that the Northern Iowan is a semi-weekly newspaper. Physical published copies of the Northern Iowan can be obtained in various spots around the campus. Interested parties who wish to obtain a copy of the newspaper will be able to do so at the following locations: student centre, campus library, campus cafeteria, dormitory red room. You may also subscribe to our newspaper service to get it delivered straight to your door if you live in a dorm room on campus. Our newspaper can also be purchased in select bookstores outside the campus as well.

Latest Stories

Our newspaper’s website also has got all of the latest stories that other students can read as well. However, please be aware that there is exclusive content that is found within only the physical copy of the Northern Iowan newspaper. So if you purchase a physical copy of the Northern Iowan paper, you can read and get stories that you cannot get from this website. And by purchasing the newspaper you are also supporting the continued publication of a paper that has got a long history within the school itself. We urge all of our fellow students to get a copy of the Northern Iowan, especially if they want to support quality journalism on campus.

The offices of the Northern Iowan newspaper can be found in the Union building. Anyone who wishes to have a face to face meeting with the school paper can head on over to that building and search for the room for the Northern Iowan paper. Please also be aware that you must message us in advance to reserve a meeting.

All of the content that is written and published by the Northern Iowan student newspaper is copyrighted. Materials and content within our paper may not be reproduced in any form without prior permission of the Northern Iowan newspaper or editorial staff.

We also welcome any new writers that may be interested in joining the team at the Northern Iowan. Please submit your resume and a sample of your work onto the messaging system of the Northern Iowan. All of the writing talent and journalists that comprise the Northern Iowan newspaper are all students from the University of Northern Iowa. So we are always looking for new talent that can fill up our ranks. We hope that you consider joining the journalism team here at the Northern Iowan. And we also hope that our fellow students become regular readers of our newspaper!